The Promise of Surfing Rainbows

Within The Promise of Surfing Rainbows, the crucial link between two ancient concepts that have already improved the lives of millions is revealed. The scientific research that validates the ancient principles is discussed first. Then powerfully effective, simple steps are given to help you benefit from this crucial link, showing that irrespective of your current circumstances, you really can attract your deepest desires. Every area of your life can be as good as you would like it to be, including your health, wealth, relationships, career, etc.

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“Having spent until the age of thirty two working in the wrong jobs, married to the wrong partner, driving the wrong car and living the wrong life I can categorically tell you that the wonderful message from Surfing Rainbows that you can love your life and that you can live your dreams is not only inspirational, it is also deadly accurate. As a young, working class man I was told by my peers that ‘people like us’ do not become artists, they do not write books and they certainly do not have films made about their life.

I was also told that my very small reality was the only reality, and that I should be grateful for my meagre lot. Tired of living a lie and depressed by my life in the lower echelons of thought I decided to prove folklore wrong. Convinced that there must be more to life, I decided to become a martial arts instructor (and was later polled as the number one self defense instructor in the world by Black Belt magazine USA). I then followed this by living out another dream…the dream of becoming a writer.

I wrote my first book in a factory toilet where I was hired to sweep floors. My world was so small that I did not even know anyone that owned a typewriter, so the odds against my success were so minute that they did not even attract official odds. And yet that first book, Watch My Back still went onto become a Sunday Times Best Seller, a BAFTA winning short film (Brown Paper Bag), a £2million pound BIFFA nominated feature film (Clubbed) that premiered in London, Birmingham and Paris and (this year) an Oscar long-listed half hour film called Romans 12:20.

I am an ordinary person, let us have no doubt about that. So if I can attract an amazing life I know that anyone can do it. I wish I’d have known about Surfing Rainbows way back when I started; it would have saved me a lot of time. I love these beautifully presented books and I love this inspirational message and I highly recommend this work to anyone wanting to live a successful life.”

Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson


The Promise of Surfing Rainbows is featured at the Hay House “I Can Do It!” Conferences and in Hay House Recommends.


Life is like a spiral of good and bad experiences.

You are never static.

You are either moving up or down the spiral.

The choice of direction is yours.

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